Balance Your Energy While Getting Relief From Pain

Balance Your Energy While Getting Relief From Pain

Let our acupuncturist in Woodbury take care of you

Are you interested in a different type of treatment before trying traditional Western methods first? If you want to find relief from your pain without going through typical treatments, come to Island Therapeutic Massage for acupuncture services.

Used to treat a variety of ailments from tension headaches to xerostomia, acupuncture alters the chi that flows through your body and promotes pain relief. We use extensive experience in Chinese medicine to ensure you get superior acupuncture services. Additionally, our acupuncture practitioners can provide you with information about the scientific 5 Basics Theory behind the wellness aspect of acupuncture.

Choose Island Therapeutic Services for:

• Acupressure
• Herbal Therapy
• Dietary therapy
• Microcurrent facials
• Chinese medicine
• Traditional medicine

Instead of suffering in pain or signing yourself up for Western medical procedures you don’t want to try, come to Island Therapeutic Services in Woodbury. In addition to acupuncture services, we can also help you with massage therapy, weight management and life coaching.

If you want relief from your pain without traditional Western methods, schedule an initial consultation with Island Therapeutic Services in Minnesota.

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